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Referral Request

Is your case urgent

Do you have a number of cases and would prefer an in-house clinic?

Would you like in-house CPD?

Do you have an equine case?  

For any of these please email and or call 01453 707399

Please click which clinic(s) are best for you:
Is the patient insured?
Signs, which of these apply:

*If blood tests have been performed, please send all the results and dates in the last year (rather than “all normal” – I need to know which were done and I try to avoid needless repeats) If you have large files of radiographs or scans either send them using a Dropbox or similar method or let me know and I can send a link to upload these files. Please ensure that radiographs are high resolution and not thumbnails or < 400KB

For urgent cases please use the WhatsApp message via the link

Thank you, I will get back to you shortly

Practice Locations

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